January 26, 2015

Gifts For A Friend; Stone Identification and Uses

I have been a collector of stones for years. It started for me as a kid when I would collect beautiful stones from the creeks all around and sometimes even from our driveway. I wasn't picky.

As I grew, I began to learn more about certain stones. And that these stones actually had different properties; different energies from each other.

A friend of mine and I were talking and she told me she actually had no stones. None! At all! To someone that has been collecting for years, this totally broke my heart. So I got together a few of my stones and made a nice little beginner collection for her. I hope she enjoys these stones as much as I have!

I'm sharing this post today to help identify a few stones and list a few of their uses. I hope you find it helpful!
I am considering turning this stone identification and use post into a short series; stones and some of their basic properties...

Carnelian | Aquamarine | Hematite

Carnelian attracts prosperity, good luck and creation. It also promotes courage, confidence and community. Carnelian also encourages love and protection.

Aquamarine promotes tolerance and intelligence. If lacking confidence or courage, aquamarine would be a good stone to carry as well.

Hematite helps with grounding and self-confidence. It's also a great stone for anxiety relief.

Moonstone | Tiger's Eye | Rose Quartz

Moonstone promotes sleep and positive, even vivid dreams. It also helps soothe anxiety.

Tiger's Eye is a good stone to carry to promote prosperity. It also is a fantastic stone for grounding and protection.  It makes you see situations a bit more clearly.

Rose Quartz is a love stone; it promotes love in all places. It's a great stone for bonding and pregnancy. (Rose Quartz is my personal favourite stone!)

Onyx | Green Aventurine | Clear Quartz

Onyx is a great stone for willpower; if you're having trouble with self-control, onyx would be a great stone to carry. It's also a great stone if you need help with emotional pain.

Green Aventurine helps with anger and the inability to focus. Carry it to attract prosperity. Also, if you're particularly clumsy or accident-prone, you might want to carry Green Aventurine.

Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of other stones and helps you focus and also helps you have clear dreams.

Honeycomb Yellow Calcite | Orange Yellow Aventurine | Amethyst | Amazonite

Honeycomb Yellow Calcite is another amplifying stone. It also is another fantastic stone for pregnancy and children as it promotes good health.

Orange Yellow Aventurine helps with focusing and calming the mind. It also is a great stone for creativity if you feel that you're lacking in that area. Orange Yellow Aventurine is another good luck stone.

Amethyst calms and helps with anxiety. It promotes balance and protection.

Amazonite dispels negative energy and is another good luck stone.

I wanted to share more about each stone, but when researching stones, I personally want to know about their properties before anything else. Each of these stones has more properties but these collectively seem to be the most common. I shared what information I knew about each stone and researched each one to make sure that 1. I had the right information on them and 2. I could add more if necessary.

What are some of your favourite stones?
Do you shop by colour, energy, or do you research properties before you purchase?

I have not been compensated for this post; all stones have come from my personal collection purchased from various sources over many years. All information about stones is from what I know personally and from comparing various resources.

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