January 30, 2015

Imbolc; A Crystal Grid, Stone Identification and Explanation

Imbolc is very soon; Monday (February 2nd), in fact!

When it comes to date, it really all depends on where you are / when you want to celebrate / what you read. Festivities are traditionally had between January 31st and February 2nd. The full moon where I live is technically on February 3rd, but half of what I'm finding is that people local to me celebrate it on the first and the other half on the second. The second is just what my gut keeps referring to so that's what I'm going with. We are, though, celebrating on February 1st, for sake of convenience. My hubs has the weekends off so it's easier to celebrate during them.

Imbolc is the halfway point between the Winter Solstice (Yule) and the Vernal Equinox (Ostara.) The days begin to lengthen about this time; we've quite recently observed the light earlier in the day and dark later! Within the past week or two, actually. Imbolc has historically been celebrated predominantly by Irish and Scottish people. (My husband and I both have Irish and Scottish heritage; and thusly so do our boys.) The Celtic tree month of Rowan is January 21st - February 17th. Whether or not Rowan is born in that time, I am still amazed by all of the signs pointing to this being the right name for him.

In old Irish, Imbolc means "In the belly." One sign of the Springtime-to-come is the lactation of expectant mothers preparing to birth new life! How appropriate for this about-to-give-birth mama! This holiday is about physical transformations, looking deeper into ourselves and strengthening our soul and spirituality.

The patron Goddess of the Sabbat is Brighid; you may recognize her as "Saint Brigit". She symbolizes fire and fertility, the Sun, hope, new possibilities, new life, birthing and the young.

To propagate the birth of Springtime, we'll be spring cleaning, lighting candles, making a meal; something including seeds likely, as they are a symbol of new life; invoking Brighid and making wishes for our family.

The stones found in my Imbolc crystal grid above are as follows;
Selenite (the tower in the middle)
Rose quartz (South)
Tiger's eye (South-East)
Quartz (East)
Carnelian (North-East)
Hematite (North)
Amethyst (North-West)
Moonstone (West)
Lapis Lazuli (South-West)

I chose these stones to be used in my Imbolc crystal grid for their unique and wonderful properties.

Selenite is an amplification stone; I like to use mine basically as an energy tower; gathering the energy from the surrounding stones and putting it back out into the world stronger. It also represents the Moon; not only is this stone even more amazing to me because I follow the Moon, but the moon also symbolizes water. Water is also a symbol of the patron Imbolc Goddess Brighid; using water in your rituals (or just envisioning bad energy flowing from you during a shower;) cleanses you; not only physically but mentally as well.

Rose quartz is a love stone. I keep mine with me because it promotes love, understanding and a healthy pregnancy and birth. Imbolc is the Sabbat of new beginnings and this year, we have a new baby to be born very close to the Sabbat!

Tiger's eye is a stone of protection and power. It also symbolizes the Sun and His soon full-return.

Quartz is another amplifying stone. It's also a good stone to represent a clear mind and visions of exactly what you need.

Carnelian promotes safety and is a guarding stone. It's another wonderful stone to have during pregnancy and childbirth.

Hematite promotes protection and grounding. It is a fantastic stone to keep with you if you experience anxiety often.

Amethyst is an amazing stone; it promotes calmness, creativity, good-luck, love and growth. It also dispels negative energy and promotes positive energy.

Moonstone amplifies love; love given and received; along with love of one's self. It is a wonderful fertility stone and great to carry for growth and birth.

Lapis Lazuli promotes awareness, calmness and the opening of the throat chakra; which is helpful if you need to voice your desires or stand up for what you believe in. It helps strengthen relationships and encourages truth and honesty.

How are you celebrating Imbolc?

(I do want to note that I'm in the Northern Hemisphere; anyone in the Southern Hemisphere is celebrating Lughnasadh / Lammas. Come August I'll have written a post for that as well.)

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