February 4, 2015

Handmade Love; Reviews of Things We've Recently Gotten

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Over the holiday season, we were gifted money on PayPal so we decided to use it on special things we had been wanting to get for Rowan. Earlier in December, though, my husband wanted to get me something very special for our 9 year anniversary and for Yule. Very recently, also, I have been gifted sage by two very generous ladies. I'd like to share my thoughts on all of the items we purchased or were gifted.

MacRae Naturals
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Link to the baltic amber butter teething necklace: HERE

My thoughts: Our eldest son had a terrible time with teething. In anticipation of that likely being the case with our youngest, we researched natural remedies for teething pain. In addition to different natural health remedies, we kept finding that people were using amber necklaces. We did a great amount of research to figure out how they were used, when they could be used, how they worked, what was best and what was the highest quality.

I can't say how the necklace actually works yet but I'll be posting about it as we actually use it. The quality is very nice; the beads are very well made and seem to be nice and sturdy. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the necklace and I am so excited to have Rowan use it!

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Brigid's Grove
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Link to the cesarean goddess necklace: HERE
Link to the Brigid's Tree of Life pendant: HERE

My thoughts: This past Yule, my husband wanted to get me something special. He didn't know what to get me so he told me to find something that really stuck out to me. This necklace was part of my gift from him. The little goddess is a cesarean goddess with "love" across her belly.

I was actually gifted the Brigid's Tree of Life pendant by the shop owner as a well wish for Rowan's birth. In addition to the tree of life imagery (representing Brighid) that connects to their business name/mission, they sell them in their shop as a "mother blessing amulet" for a safe birth.

I wear both of these daily (I am currently wearing them.) The only time I take them off is to bathe and sleep. I am so madly in love with these; I feel so empowered when wearing them. I had a hard time with my new body after my cesarean and after a couple of years of feeling very close to depression, I finally found myself. I submerged myself into the body positive scene and fell in love with my body; (perfect) imperfections and all. I am now proud of my body and totally in love with it. I also treat it better now; Instead of just going with the flow, I make a point to give it what it needs. Matthew will be wearing these necklaces when I give birth because I can't have them on; though I want them there.

Brigid's Grove has so many different goddess pendants and I super, super recommend them to any mama. My heart is so full when I wear these.

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Shop | FaceBook | Website
Link to the beeswax polish / salve: HERE
Link to the small natural wood teether toy: HERE
Link to the natural wood teether necklace: HERE
Link to the optional customization for said necklace: HERE

My thoughts: First off, this shop is fantastic. They are local to me (Ohio,) and they work with you and communicate to make sure all is right in your order. They go above and beyond what needs to be done and I am so, so impressed with their customer service.

I bought the beeswax polish / salve for a few reasons; they mention it helping keep the wood looking / feeling great. So that's fantastic; I haven't used it for that, yet, but once Rowan uses them, I'll post an update on how well it works. But, the other reason I bought it was because they mentioned it could be used for just about anything, including lip balm! So I figured it would be a great thing to keep with us. It works so well and feels amazing. After this is all used up, we'll be buying more!

Next, we bought a small teether toy with Rowan's name on it. I love, love this so much and I am so excited for him to use it!

Onto the necklaces... I received the blank necklace initially, despite having paid for the addition of Rowan's name to the necklace. I brought this up to the shop owner and she kindly said she would ship out the fixed version ASAP. Not only was that fantastic (I was concerned about having to pay to ship back something I hadn't messed up...) but she told me to keep the blank one!

So, because we don't really need more than one of these necklaces, she and I spoke and in a few months (sometime after Rowan is born...) I'll be doing a giveaway with the blank teething necklace! So keep an eye out for that if you have / are expecting a little one!

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Kathryn Riechert Jewelry
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Link to the stacking rings: HERE

My thoughts: These two rings were the other part of my anniversary / Yule gift from Matthew. I am so, so in love with them. I wanted nice, small, simple stacking rings with my boys' names and these were so, so perfect. Kathryn Riechert's shop has so much beautiful, customizable jewelry that I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) while choosing what I wanted. They came in adorable little boxes and bags and I even got a little cleaning / shining cloth with them. They are so perfect. I never take them off. And oh my gods, the price was perfect. Enough that I knew the quality was fantastic, but not a penny more.

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Sage Goddess
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You can purchase large sage bundles from the Sage Goddess: HERE
Or you can purchase miniature sage bundles from the Sage Goddess: HERE

My thoughts: This was a gift so I don't have a link to the sage that I received. The Heaven bath blend came as a little sample and I also don't have a link for that, but it does smell wonderful!

I haven't used the sage or the bath blend yet but they smell absolutely amazing. The sage bundles are tied up with such precision and the petals on front are so pretty to look at.

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And from a friend of mine...
She gathered sage and lavender from her backyard, strung it up and added her favourite stones; citrine. Citrine is known to be a "good luck" or a "bringing light into your life" stone. How thoughtful!

We used this sage to cleanse our apartment and stones last night; the full moon is tonight. It was such a pleasure to use.

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I really enjoy supporting handmade / homemade artists... I am madly in love with Etsy!
Speaking of, I'm hoping to open up a shop within the next year or so... I have a shop, but I haven't sold anything on it, yet. And I'd like to offer more than just custom portraits.

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