May 5, 2014


On Friday, I spent the better part of my morning painting flowers with my watercolours.
This particular set of flowers made me think of Frida after the fact. I had drawn a different face almost under the flowers, but I was able to fit Frida's entire face under the flowers.

I had heard of Frida as a child and teenager but never bothered to learn much about her. As an adult, my curiosity grew and I took it upon myself to do more research on her. (I'd still like to learn more.) But now I know a bit about her life and her art. I admire her very much.

I might re-upload this because I'm thinking about multi-media-ing it; maybe with some stitching / embroidery.

Did you make any art / crafts over the weekend? Did you spend your time outside?

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Nerd Burger said...

Your are is so radical. I love the simple line work and bright colours. Can't wait to see who you draw next.

Lauren Douglas Creative said...

Dude, thanks so much!
I've got a plan to draw a lot of my favourite people and make a little series of it.