May 7, 2014

Digital Sketchbook

I sketched this self portrait a couple of weeks back. My hair is naturally about this colour; though it's currently blue. I love my small Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch tablet so much. It feels so comfortable to use; not at all like my old tablet. My old tablet was one of the scratchy Bamboo tablets. I never could really get the hang of it; it's like they tried to make the texture less smooth on the tablet so it would be more like paper aaaand they took it too far. But my new tablet is fabulous (and has the touch feature, too!) and cost only 30 bucks more than I paid for the old one a few years back.

I've considered selling at the farmer's market down the street during summer because it's the perfect time and place every week... But I have to get a vendor's license; and it's just a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. It doesn't cost much but I want to make sure that I'm doing everything right. And that scares me. But we'll see; if I do go through with it, I'll make sure to write it on here!

Do you have experience with opening up a shop / being a vendor? (Legally, that is. With a license and all...) In Ohio, specifically? That would be super helpful. Haha.

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