May 12, 2014

Self Portrait

Happy (day after) Mother's Day! (This goes out to all mamas out there, including, but not limited to... mamas of humans, furbabies... and even those dads out there that act as mamas to their littles... go you!)
What did you do yesterday? I spent the better part of the day with a head and stomach ache. No fun! But I did get in some art! I made this little self portrait (that I am in love with!) and I also made a card for my mom. (And helped my son make a card for her, too.)

My husband took awesome care of me while I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday; he is fantastic. He even made me an awesome card (and helped our son make one for me, too!)

What have you been creating lately?

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ensembledeux said...

This is really cool! Happy Mother's Day :)

Lauren Douglas Creative said...

Thanks so much!
If you have a kid or pets... you too! Haha. :)

floating thru fields said...

I just discovered you in Nerd Burger's comments I really love your self portrait, your style is really adorable and fun.
I also like to draw digitally and I'm working on finalizing a few drawings to put in my society 6 shop :)

Lauren Douglas Creative said...

Oh, thanks so much!
What is the link to your shop, I'd love to check it out!

I'm seeing a lot of progress from traditional to digital lately and it's really encouraging!