January 22, 2015

22 Free or Cheap Ideas To Avoid Spending Money

We just started the Spending Fast, but I thought that it might get a little boring to just sit at home twiddling our thumbs with nothing to do. Obviously "cheap" and "avoid spending money" contradict each other, but here "cheap" means no more than probably $10.

A couple of years ago, I attempted a Mission 101 project; it didn't go so well. I've had this list sitting partially-done since then. So I thought I'd finish it up and share it with you.

20 Free or Cheap Ideas To Avoid Spending Money

1. Sketch / paint / draw. Anything artsy.
2. Sew / cross stitch / learn to knit. Anything crafty.
3. Watch a movie. (Have a marathon with your family!)
4. Visit the library. (You can even get the movies for your marathon there!)
5. Play board games.
6. Visit a museum. (Some are free on certain dates and others are just always cheap!)
7. Practice Origami.
8. Try a new recipe! (Or prepare food to be frozen / canned.)
9. Take a nap.
10. Do yoga or Zumba. (You can find videos on YouTube!)
12. Go to the gym. (Most gyms have a small "one-time-visit" cost of something like $5.00, or some people have the option of somewhere like Planet Fitness for $10.00/month.)
13. Read.
14. Take a bath or shower. Do nails / makeup. Pamper yourself!
15. Meditate or spend time by yourself.
16. Get dressed up for yourself.
17. Do something your kids want to do. (Normally say "no" or "in a little bit"? Say "yes" to something your child is interested in more often!)
18. Create homemade versions of some of your toxic products. (Recipes are out there for everything from body products to cleaners and beyond!)
19. Take a drive. (Maybe find somewhere new!)
20. Turn music up loud and dance! (Bonus points if you get your kiddos involved!)
21. Try out some of your Pinterest ideas. You can find my boards here if you want some inspiration.
22. Go outside.

I hope that some of the ideas help you!
What are some of your favourite free or cheap things to do?

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Wolf Den Holistic Farm said...

Love all of these! I'm going to put these on the fridge for when we are in need of something to do! We love going to the park for nature walks and playing :)

Lauren Douglas said...

Thanks; these are some of our favourites!
Matthew, in particular, is a huge fan of origami. And there are tutorials all over the internet on how to make just about anything you can think of!

Have fun!