January 21, 2015

Food Prep & Stocking Up: Staying Realistic

Top left: Ice Cream (cat), Stocked freezer (including homemade Vegan parm!), Bread pizzas with Vegan chee, our huge stock of Coconut oil.
Top right: Some of our groceries. Not even half.
Bottom left: Our fridge door (including lots of homemade goodness; ketchup / tomato soup, Vegan ranch dressing, lots of store-bought and homemade seasoning...)
Bottom right: Homemade mustard soaking up vinegar, Strawberry banana smoothie, Circe (cat), our smoothie ingredients (which are now in flat bags in the freezer.)

This past Friday, Pooh and I went grocery shopping. We stocked up on everything I could think of and then some. My friend Corrine helped me sit down and think of a basic grocery list to start from. That was a huge help! We spent the entire day out and went to four different stores. (Three of which are local!)

We tried to be realistic when it came to buying groceries and stocking our pantry. Usually, if we buy fresh food, we tend to get over-excited and buy more than we know what to do with and it ends up being wasted. So sitting down and really deciding what we wanted to make before-hand helped. We'll see how it ends up working out, but so far it's been amazing.

Saturday we had some errands to run (we needed more tomatoes!) and then came home and made a ton of food from scratch. Sunday hubs and I didn't feel very well but we still spent the entire day making more food. I ended up making some homemade ketchup but, despite following the recipe exactly, it turned out more like tangy tomato soup; so I tried taking some of the tanginess out and we had it for dinner last night as tomato soup (along with some Vegan grilled cheese sandwiches!)

I'm really proud of us because usually, whether or not we feel well, we don't really bother to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen actually working on making food... And if we feel less-than-stellar, you can usually count on us lying around, playing video games all day. And while we still totally got in some video game playing time, we spent, by far, the bulk of our time fixing up food in the kitchen.

THAT is the difference in our lives. THAT is progress. And I am so excited that it just is coming naturally. Granted, I need to make a point to take it easier and realize that I'm far along in my pregnancy and can't push it too hard, but... When I became pregnant, I would always tell myself "active pregnancy!" I knew I couldn't just sit there and let hubs do everything with the excuse that "I'm pregnant!" Not that he wouldn't; he definitely would do anything for me, no questions asked. But I am not okay feeling lazy. I spent a couple of years after I gave birth to our first boy feeling that way and... never again. (At least not when I am totally capable of doing something... Usually.)

I have an appointment with the ultrasound technician every Monday and Thursday; and this Thursday, I also have a full-ultrasound and also see my OB. This Thursday I'll be 34 weeks along. I'm 33.5 weeks now; if I have Roo at 37 weeks, that's 3.5 weeks away. And if I have him at 40 weeks, that's just 6.5 weeks away! Both are so close!

I wish I'd gotten a picture of our girlie Charlie (our third cat; the top left is Ice Cream and the bottom right is Circe.) But Maybe she'll pose for me soon enough, haha. She was quite the snuggle butt this weekend. Man, I love our cats.

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