February 9, 2015

Flaming Ice Cube; Cleveland Vegan Restaurant Review

For Lennon's 5th birthday we went out to eat. We figured we'd try a new (to us) restaurant. If we're going to take a long trip, we like to find somewhere Vegan-specific with a lot of options. (Or at least somewhere Vegan-friendly.) Something most people take for granted is going to a restaurant and ordering basically anything they want. It's really nice going to restaurants that are Vegan-specific because we don't have to give it any extra thought. The only "non-Vegan" thing at some of these places is honey and... we eat honey. So it's not even an issue.

After searching online the entire morning, I found a place that looked awesome; the Flaming Ice Cube. The one we visited is in Cleveland; in the midst of all of the gigantic buildings and other restaurants and shops.

We had to park a couple of blocks away in a parking garage; that was my least favourite part. But definitely worth it to eat here. And we'll be back. A lot.

The first thing we noticed were the colours on the wall and the awesome decor all over; Sun & Moon, Chakra and Yoga inspired... We were in love. They had a couple of bookshelves stocked full of amazing Vegan goodies; we've been looking for the Vegan marshmallows forever but didn't buy them that day. (We'll be back for them, haha.) They also had an open cooler with tons of Vegan treats; they all looked amazing! We had such a hard time deciding what to get!

So... We each got a meal and a treat... and then took home half a dozen chocolate chip cookies.

Top left; the Pizza Burger; doubled and supreme with a side of peppers, onions & mushrooms. Side of curry quinoa and a pickle.
Top right; a PB&J sandwich on pita bread with a side of mandarin oranges.
Bottom left; the cover of the menu.
Bottom right; the Western burger; doubled. Side of curry quinoa and a pickle.

Matthew and I split both burgers so we could each try them. They were both so, so, sooo delicious. I've never had a more delicious burger. I am super impressed by how fresh everything was, too! Oh man, even the pickles tasted exquisite haha.

Top left; chocolate chip cookie. (We ordered half a dozen and ate them on the ride home.)
Top right; mini chocolate lava bundt cake. (Matthew's.)
Bottom left; pumpkin spice cupcake. (Mine.)
Bottom right; chocolate chip cookie sandwich. (Lennon's.)

We ordered half a dozen of the chocolate chip cookies to eat on the way home because 1. they looked amazing and 2... No that's about it. Matthew went to order our desserts and they were just bringing out the bundt cakes and he ordered that for himself. I had a couple of bites and oh my gods, it was so rich and delicious! My pumpkin cupcake was... amazing. So amazing. Matthew dislikes basically anything pumpkin-flavoured and enjoyed it too! And then Lennon got the chocolate chip and icing sandwich. He seemed to really love it.

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We will be going back super soon. (I wonder if they allow breast-feeding?) Likely not too soon considering Rowan will be born within the next few weeks.) We so, so enjoyed it. We didn't really want to leave, haha. The people working there could not have been nicer or more accommodating; it was just super pleasant all around and I am so excited to go back!

(And it was also worth the two-block walk for this almost-full-term pregnant mama. That shows how amazing it was!)

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