February 6, 2015

Gratitude Journal; A Daily Reminder To Be Grateful

My friend Corrine of Wolf Den Holistic Farm posted a beautiful challenge on her blog. She encourages us to take the time each day (just a few minutes) to write down in a special journal 10 things we are grateful for. Simple enough, right? And can you imagine how amazing you'll feel looking back at all the beautiful things in that journal?

So I'm taking her challenge. I can take a few minutes each day to remember what I'm grateful for. They don't even have to be anything huge; just simple things throughout the day. I just grabbed a lined book that I had on hand and wrote "Gratitude Journal" on the cover. So simple.

Here is what my first page looked like;
1. My family's health.
2. Sunlight coming in the bedroom window mid-Winter for the cats to bathe in.
3. The burden of "too much."
4. Decent weather today.
5. Our apartment. It's small but perfect.
6. Abundant water & living somewhere that I can drink all the clean water I want.
7. Food in our home. Especially food we enjoy & can make the decision to eat all depending on what sounds good.
8. Generosity from friends & family.
9. Matthew's job & the ability to sustain ourselves.
10. A doctor that actually pays close attention to & cares about Rowan and I. (And is awesome with Matthew and Lennon as well.)

If you take the challenge, go tell Corrine at her blog or on her Instagram account WolfDenHolisticFarm and keep her updated via the #wolfdengratitudechallenge tag!

You can find my updates on Instagram over at LaurenDouglasCreative. I'll be using the #wolfdengratitudechallenge tag as well!

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