November 7, 2014

Life Lately; It's A Boy!!

Since my last update, we have been so active.
Let's see... Well, at my 19w appointment I had an ultrasound and we found out that baby is a BOY! Everything with the ultrasound went perfectly. We've named him Rowan. As far as a middle name... we have a few we like and one specific one that really sticks out but nothing definite yet.
We've put up our Christmas decorations, have had delicious smelling candles burning most of the time, have been working on making Christmas crafts, making soup from scratch (delishhhhh!), we've been outside some, I've been slowly focusing more on my stones... What else.. I installed some dreads into my hair and then took them out again. Hmm.. We went trick or treating! We really couldn't have anything but it was so fun anyway and we bought Pooh a couple of healthier Vegan snacks as a treat instead.

I've got family coming in from all over for my great grandma's 90th birthday this weekend. I'm really excited to see so many people I rarely get to see. I would love for all these people to be here next year to see Rowan once he is born but.. thank the gods for the internet, I guess.

I haven't really blogged much at all during the pregnancy. Sorry for lack of updates, but if you're family or a close friend, I've still been updating you via FaceBook. Also, I'm still posting frequently over on my Instagram. I'm @LaurenDouglasCreative over there if you want to follow.

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