January 4, 2015

Life lately; New Year

So life lately has been great! I'm 31w3d pregnant today! We have twice-weekly appointments at my doc's office to keep an eye on the pregnancy; and we're doing fantastic, thank the gods. Matthew got me the most lovely jewelry for Yule; two rings with each of the boys' names on them and a necklace with a cesarean goddess with "love" on her belly (the other thing came with it and it was a gift from the shop! I'll talk more about them later.)

We put the car seat into the car yesterday! What else... We finished washing all of Roo's clothes and now all of his stuff is nice and ready for him! We spent this past weekend cleaning, organizing and relaxing... It was great!

We've made some deeeeelicious food lately. Holy moly. No bake cookies, mashed potatoes, gravy... I could go on, oh good gods. Yum!

Our kitties have all been so snuggly lately. I love my meow meows! And what else... we took a trip to Mohican a few days back just to get some nice, fresh air during a warmer (almost 50 degree!) day. So nice!

Oh! Rowan's middle name is Sage; I don't believe I've written that on my blog yet, considering it's been forevvvver since I wrote. Roo's full name is Rowan Sage Douglas. Rowan is an Irish name meaning "little red-headed one" and Sage means "wise one" and is a cleansing, healing plant. I just recently found out that the Moon during February - March is the Sage moon. And the Celtic month of the Rowan tree is January - February. I am so overwhelmed by the clear divine intention given to us in finding his name. How perfect! Now let's see if he comes out with red hair; there's a good chance he may! Life has been good, we're just so, so busy. Sooo busy.

My word for the new year is present. As in, I want to be more present in the new year. Matthew's chosen word is harmony. I might have him guest-write a post about why he chose that word.

Okay, well... I think it's about time for bed. I hope all is well. Well wishes for the pregnancy and birth would be appreciated! Maybe I won't end up writing until after Roo is born! We'll see! (Roo is Rowan's nickname. Pooh is Lennon's and Roo is another character on the show... it rhymes... aaaaand I guess it just kind of.. stuck.)

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