January 13, 2015

Getting Ready

My blog is currently under construction but I wanted to share what we've been doing to get ready for Roo lately!

In regards to the blog, instead of going through every old post and resizing photos manually to fit the new width of my blog, I'm leaving them as-is. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing, but no matter.

This past weekend, we took the doors off of our upper kitchen cabinets. We had contemplated doing it for some time, but finally took the plunge. We also purged a lot of our dishes and random kitchen supplies. We cleaned the fridge, stove, floor, dishes, cabinets... you name it, we took care of it!

We are so in love with our kitchen now. I love peeking in there in the middle of the night and just breathing a sigh of contentment. We have such big plans, though! This summer, we are planning on painting most things in our kitchen white and then painting a couple random things (window trim, top cabinet trim) green! We also want to add some shelves in front of the window to add more beautiful planties! We have two cacti currently; I definitely want to bring more in! We also want to add a tiered fruit hanging basket and maybe somewhere to dry herbs. Ooh, it's going to be so perfect!

All that really needs done is some more organizing; mostly because we'd just like to purge a decent amount more before Rowan gets here. We don't want or need so much. But our hospital bag (and Lennon's bag to take to Gran and Poppy's house) are mostly packed, baby stuff is washed and organized... The carseat is installed and we have basically everything we need, thankfully. We are all set! I'd like to write a review for all of the lovely items we've recently bought from Etsy. I will do that as soon as the last few things arrive.

I'm planning on sharing my little remedy for sinus and allergies on the blog soon. I sure know it's been a blessing to us here!

I have been so blissed out today. I have so many wonderful ideas for my blog. My amazing friend, Corrine, who blogs over at Wolf Den Holistic Farm, inspired me to get back into active blogging. I've spent a good part of the past couple of days over on their blog, helping them make it fit their lifestyle. I love that my friends appreciate what I'm good at. Thank the Stars for good friends.

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